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INSURED & BONDED: Are your personal belongings and household items fully insured and are employees bonded?  Bonding is very important because it protects you from any incidents of theft that may occur while a house cleaner is in your home.

BUSINESS LOCATION: The business location of the service is very important. When searching for a dependable cleaning service make sure that they are located within 12 miles of your home. If the business location is nearby this enables the cleaners to be punctual, reliable and ready to clean! Many companies in Western New York service a very wide area from Grand Island all the way down to Olean in one day!  This leads to lack of motivation, poor cleaning performance and exhaustion from being in a car for long periods of time. Long distances also leads to a high employee turn over rate due to unhappy cleaners. If your service location is close by your cleaners will be more dependable, reliable and full of energy when they arrive to clean your home!

REFERENCES: The best cleaning service will give you many references indicating that the company performs quality cleaning. Before hiring a service you should always check their references to ensure previous clients have had a good experience. This gives you the opportunity to speak with someone directly who has had experience with the company. In addition to asking for references you should also consider the length of time the company has been operating. This speaks a lot for it's credibility. If it's been in business for many years it likely provides high quality cleaning and exceptional customer service.

When it comes to hiring the best cleaning company to fit your specific needs and preferences there are 12 important factors, benefits and guidelines that you need to know!

TEAM APPROACH: Hiring a maid service that works in a team setting is important. In today's society time is money! Families are busy with work and their children's after school activities. No one needs to be tripping over a maid! Time is of the essence! When working in a team setting the cleaning technicians are in and out of your home in a timely manner. They are more likely to check each others work and motivate each other. When individuals clean on their own they tend to be slower and take their time and are usually in your home all day!  This is inconvenient. Choose a service that works in a team setting.

CUSTOM CLEANING SYSTEM: Another reason why it is s important to meet with a company representative is so that the two of you can create a custom cleaning plan for your home. Cleaners should not just come in and do a quick dust and vacuum, light cleaning of wet rooms as fast as they can, and leave. Every home is unique and a plan needs to be put into place. Make sure that the company you choose is rotating the 'deep cleaning' of the rooms that are highly used. This will ensure the highest level of clean in your home.

LICENSING: Make sure that the cleaning service that you are considering is licensed! NOT all are! New York State requires that if someone is operating a cleaning service or maid service it must be licensed and registered with the state. The service is required to collect  8.75% sales tax!  If your cleaning company or cleaning individual is not charging you sales tax they are operating an illegal service in New York State and can be prosecuted for this. Unfortunately this can fall back on the home owner as well.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION: Are they Insured with worker's compensation? Hiring a cleaning service that fully insures it's employees is crucial. Being fully insured protects you in case a house cleaner has an accident in your home. If the cleaner is injured and they are not properly insured you will be paying their medical bills.

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT: To avoid the hassle and the added cost of having to supply the cleaners with vacuums and cleaning supplies make sure that this is included in the fee.  Professional companies use high quality vacuums and cleaning supplies to sanitize and get the job done thoroughly. You should expect a higher level of clean in your home when a company brings in their own cleaning supplies and equipment.

BACKGROUND CHECKED:This is vital when having cleaners in your home.You need to be ensured that the cleaning company is making the best possible hiring decision possible. Pre-employment screening is a must for all employees that are hired by a cleaning company.

PROFESSIONALISM:  When hiring a cleaning service it is important that they are professional. How do they answer the phone? If unavailable do they have an answering service or is it just a cell phone message? The first phone call is your first impression that you receive from the cleaning company. They should be able to take your call or have an answering service take your message at any hour of the day if they want your business. The owner or representative of the company should also be coming to meet with you and get a visual of your home. This is SO important! No service should be giving you an exact quote over the phone. If they do they are clearly not concerned about you or what your cleaning needs are.

TRAINING PROGRAM: The best cleaning service provides a very thorough training program for all of it's employees. Cleaning may seem easy but it is a lot of work! The employee must be fit and in good health so that you get the best possible cleaning for your money. Cleaners should go through a rigorous training process to make sure that they are capable of doing a thorough job in your home. All employees should be trained on how to treat wood cabinetry, wool carpeting and stainless steel appliances.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Are the teams trained not only on how to clean but on their customer service skills? The cleaning technicians who enter your home should be uniformed, pleasant, professional, presentable and have good customer service skills! They are in your home! This is a big deal and you should be comfortable with everyone who enters through your door!

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