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CREDIBILITY:Companies are credible. They have spent a lot of time and money making sure that they have all insurances for your safety. They take their business seriously. Being a business owner of a cleaning company is a great responsibility. A credible service is required to collect sales tax. If you hire an individual to clean your home and she does not charge you 8.75% sales tax then she is not legally licensed in New York State. It may save you a little money now but this is a big risk to take!

Top 5 Reasons why you should hire a Cleaning Company over an Individual Cleaner:

COMPANIES ARE INSURED: If you are hiring a legitimate cleaning service they will have ALL insurances! Ask to see their papers. They should be covered for theft and breakage of household items. All employees should be covered by worker's compensation in case a cleaner gets hurt while in your home.

Individuals who clean on their own most often do not carry any insurances. This will leave you responsible for all breakage and wide open to theft.

Two recent stories that were told to me from homeowners: The cleaner's car started on fire in her driveway and burned down half of her house! The cleaner was an individual getting paid cash, and had no insurance.

The other incident involved the cleaner falling down the stairs!

The individual cleaner, getting paid cash, had no insurance! The homeowner was stuck paying all of her doctor bills, xrays & physical therapy for a year! A legitimate cleaning company most likely will cost more per hour but you are protected!

TEAM WORK: For many homeowners keeping a clean home is a frustrating endeavor, especially if you work long hours, have a large family or both. The convenience of hiring a cleaning company is that they work in teams. They will clean your home thoroughly and in a timely manner. If you work from home or are a stay at home mom you will not have to worry about working around your cleaners all day. The team approach is much for efficient and practical. If you hire an individual they will be in your home for most of the day, especially if you have a large home! One homeowner told me that when she came home she found  her cleaning girl swimming in her pool! I guess she needed a break...... 

DEPENDABILITY:Hiring a cleaning company offers you the dependability of having your home cleaned on a regular basis. Everyone likes routine. Cleaning services come to clean weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Usually on the same day. When you hire a company they strive to send the same team each cleaning. It makes everyone's life easier! On occasion if an employee is sick or requests off, a company always has a backup. They have the ability to send out another qualified team to your home. I often hear the same story that when a homeowner hires an individual they often are late or never show up again! 

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CONVENIENCE:Most homeowners will hire a cleaning company over an individual because it is convenient. Cleaning services bring their own vacuums and supplies. (Unless the homeowner has other requests) Companies are known to have a much more consistent schedule which is important when running a household especially if you have children.  You may wind up paying a little more for your cleaning when hiring a company but when you look at the advantages it is better to be safe than sorry.